Masonry Layout and AstroJS

How I added masonry layout to my blog.

Using OData

Exploring the use of OData for fetching data.

SQL Date Range Queries

In my company work, we often use two _Date_ or _DateTime_ fields to express a range when the row data is valid.

Data Access Layer Techniques

I have spent the last days exploring ways to map SQL result sets to objects as used in object-oriented programming languages as C# or Java. This process is known as object-relational mapping and is needed for all projects accessing data from a SQL database, the results must be converted to objects for further processing or sending them out as JSON.

Example SQL code
PostgreSQL revisited

Rediscovering PostgreSQL and highlighting some features.

Apache config of security headers
Security Headers

Understanding the current state of web security headers.

Modular JavaScript

How to organize JavaScript in a modular way?

A LaTeX template for my dissertation

A LaTeX template with all packages explained.

The Honor System at Virginia Tech

Some more details about my studies at Virginia Tech. My courses are Linear Systems Theory, Neural and Fuzzy Systems and Electronic Control of Motor Devices. The first two are on graduate level, what means, that they are a little bit more tough and tricky. The last one is undergraduate level and more relaxing.

Theater Rehearsals

Yesterday we read the whole piece (Rebel Without a Cause), every one his role. I was Officer 1, had not to say that much. But it was all right and I also have the glorious part of shooting Plato, when he plays with his gun and doesn't want to give it to somebody.

Student Initiatives

On Friday, most of the students organizations presented themselves in Squires Student Center. Interested to get involved in something I entered the room. It was packed with people, you could hear music playing from one corner, and a babble of voices was in the air. The organizations were organized in long rows of tables, with every organization only having two meters to present their material.