Online Database for Bibliographic Information

The common fate of scientists is to read papers. The problem is to maintain the overview over that ever increasing heap of papers and to be able to cite any of them. If you are working mainly on one computer, a program will help to organize and adminsitrate the bibliographical information. But now imagine you are working on multiple systems, always needing to carry your database with you. That really sucks.

The solution is an online database! I found CiteULike and I’m really impressed. It’s free and seems very practical. You even can add articles with one special link, provided the website is supported. But my favorite paper-search websites (IEEE Xplore and MedLine{https://www.nlm.nih.gov}) are included, so that will save me a lot of work.

The database supports the BibTex format for exporting data, what is really convenient for me to include into papers. So that really seems a nice tool to work with!