James Joyce – Ulysses

You probably will think I am strange. Or you may feel confirmed in that opinion, if you thought that already. But I really try to read this book. Enjoying these last weeks before I will start working in Zurich, I want to do something meaningful, enhancing my horizon. And thus, I decided to read that book. To give you a short impression, I will quote one part of the sencond chapter, which sounds quite meaningful.

– History, Stephen said, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.
From the playfield the boys raised a shout. A whirring whistle: goal. What if the nightmare gave you a back kick?
– The ways of the creator are not our ways, Mr. Deasy said. All history moves towards one great goal, the manifestation of God.
Stephen jerked his thumb towards the window, saying:
– That is God.
Hooray! Ay! Whrrwhee!
– What? Mr. Deasy asked.
– A shout in the street, Stephen answered, shrugging his shoulders.