Student Initiatives

On Friday, most of the students organizations presented themselves in Squires Student Center. Interested to get involved in something I entered the room. It was packed with people, you could hear music playing from one corner, and a babble of voices was in the air. The organizations were organized in long rows of tables, with every organization only having two meters to present their material.

So I went through, drowned in the many possibilities and smiles. A large part were those three-Greek-letter-fraternities and sororities. Like Pi Omega Alpha. I didn’t quite understand the point in them. Some had social welfare programs, but one common objective was to organize parties and more private events where alcohol was available. Another number of clubs dealed with religious issues. The Whitnesses of Jehova not to forget. A large part of orgs were about social welfare, what really meant service for other people.

Some funny things also caught my attention. The Holerin Hokies are people who attend sport events and cry for VT (Virginia Tech). The benefit of it are T-Shirts, reserved places and maybe even free access to some events.