Lost in Charlotte

When I arrived at Charlotte International Airport two hours in advance to catch my 13:05 flight to Philadelphia, I quickly noticed something had gone wrong for quite some time. Hundreds of people were forming long queues to the US Airways check ins. The advancement speed looked rather poor and the end was not in sight. So I did the inevitable and ligned at the queue for International Check In. At this time I expected my flight to be delayed, but it turned out later it was not. Anyways, there was no strategy visible in dealing with the problem. So more people like me were coming, missing flights, and needing time-consuming rebooking.

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Conference (IEEE VR) in Charlotte

So here I am in the middle of hundrets of people who do research in virtual reality. Nobody knows me. I am nothing special.

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International Club, Scott Ritter Video

You won’t believe it, but even here people discuss political issues controversially. The latest example was the most recent International Club Coffee hour. Last Friday I was quite surprised to see the entire room filled with people. Usually there aren’t that much, but on this day I had no chance to find a chair. Displayed was a video about Iraq. Scott Ritter, former chief weapon inspector in Iraq, critizised the US government harshly for having contributed a large part to the 1998 expel of weapon inspectors. Read more →

The Honor System at Virginia Tech

Some more details about my studies at Virginia Tech. My courses are Linear Systems Theory, Neural and Fuzzy Systems and Electronic Control of Motor Devices. The first two are on graduate level, what means, that they are a little bit more tough and tricky. The last one is undergraduate level and more relaxing. Unlike Germany there are no fix hours when classes meet. The three credits are a vague expression for the time spent in class, split in two or three sections. Read more →

Theater Rehearsals

Yesterday we read the whole piece (Rebel Without a Cause), every one his role. I was Officer 1, had not to say that much. But it was all right and I also have the glorious part of shooting Plato, when he plays with his gun and doesn’t want to give it to somebody.

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Student Initiatives

On Friday, most of the students organizations presented themselves in Squires Student Center. Interested to get involved in something I entered the room. It was packed with people, you could hear music playing from one corner, and a babble of voices was in the air. The organizations were organized in long rows of tables, with every organization only having two meters to present their material.

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Day of Mindfulness

Today, I visited a speech given by a Buddhist monk on mindfulness. He was a lank person with bushy fair eye brows. He wore the traditional orange garment and he was shaven-headed. Born in California he experienced the Vietnam war in a state of stonedness far off the battle fields. On a subsequent journey he travelled to Asia and decided after a while to join Buddhism. His way of talking was deliberate and calm, his hands rested on his lap for the whole time. Read more →