International Club, Scott Ritter Video

You won’t believe it, but even here people discuss political issues controversially. The latest example was the most recent International Club Coffee hour. Last Friday I was quite surprised to see the entire room filled with people. Usually there aren’t that much, but on this day I had no chance to find a chair. Displayed was a video about Iraq. Scott Ritter, former chief weapon inspector in Iraq, critizised the US government harshly for having contributed a large part to the 1998 expel of weapon inspectors. Read more →

Theater Rehearsals

Yesterday we read the whole piece (Rebel Without a Cause), every one his role. I was Officer 1, had not to say that much. But it was all right and I also have the glorious part of shooting Plato, when he plays with his gun and doesn’t want to give it to somebody.

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Student Initiatives

On Friday, most of the students organizations presented themselves in Squires Student Center. Interested to get involved in something I entered the room. It was packed with people, you could hear music playing from one corner, and a babble of voices was in the air. The organizations were organized in long rows of tables, with every organization only having two meters to present their material.

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Day of Mindfulness

Today, I visited a speech given by a Buddhist monk on mindfulness. He was a lank person with bushy fair eye brows. He wore the traditional orange garment and he was shaven-headed. Born in California he experienced the Vietnam war in a state of stonedness far off the battle fields. On a subsequent journey he travelled to Asia and decided after a while to join Buddhism. His way of talking was deliberate and calm, his hands rested on his lap for the whole time. Read more →