After my first week at ConWeaver, I got a first impression of the search framework and the technology used. The hot topic in the moment is Angular, which is a web application framework. In contrast to other server-side frameworks, the application logic is on the client (browser). This is a major trend now, aiming at Progressive Web Apps, which are as quick and responsive as native applications. To work with Angular, I need to understand the entire ecosystem which has evolved for developing with Angular. Read more →

Using xPC COM API and Visual C#

This entry is for those who want to control an xPC target computer with a program written in C#. I personally did not find any example how to do this, the documentation provides an example using Visual Basic, but I found a simpler way. I do only use the xPC COM API (which must be included as reference in the project) and not the model COM interface. I think this is easier because you don’t have to reinsert the model reference if you recompile it. Read more →