A LaTeX template for my dissertation

In the recent weeks I have spent a lot of time to polish the draft of my dissertation with the help of LaTeX. In this article, I would like to share the packages I used. This list of packages comes close to a template, but you must still decide which package you need.

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Ten Reasons to Typeset Scientific Texts in LaTeX

Whenever you write a report in a scientific environment, a Master thesis, a journal publication, or a dissertation, you have the choice which text editing tool to use. It comes usually down to Word vs. LaTeX. I will now argue why you should use LaTeX. Focus on content, not layout. When editing your LaTeX document with the editing program of your choice you can focus on the content. You need to provide some logical markup (this is a section, this is a reference citation), but that is easy to learn. Read more →

How to add logos to all your pages with LaTeX

Given the problem that you want to put one or several logos in your document header, I found the following solution. All the lines have to be inserted in the document preamble, meaning before the \begin{document} line. You will need your logos in the appropriate format (in most cases EPS, pdflatex requires PDF, PNG, or JPG) in your document folder. I will assume logo1.eps and logo2.eps are the file names for the two logos. Read more →