After my first week at ConWeaver, I got a first impression of the search framework and the technology used. The hot topic in the moment is Angular, which is a web application framework. In contrast to other server-side frameworks, the application logic is on the client (browser). This is a major trend now, aiming at Progressive Web Apps, which are as quick and responsive as native applications. To work with Angular, I need to understand the entire ecosystem which has evolved for developing with Angular. Read more →

Modular JavaScript 2

On our company website, as on many others, we have a growing JavaScript code base. We are now taking the effort to develop a module system to make it easier to structure the code. Our first decision was to go with a syntax similar to Asynchronuous Module Definition (AMD). But in contrast to AMD syntax, we use a synchronuous approach for loading the modules and use a module identifier. We will also provide the option to initialize modules on an event. Read more →

Modular JavaScript 1

One of the main problems of software development is managing complexity and – related to it – decoupling pieces of code. While most programming languages provide built-in semantics for defining and consuming modules, JavaScript has none and relies on external libraries for that. There are three major approaches for defining modules in JavaScript: CommonJS Asynchronous Module Definition ECMA 6 Syntax I have found some good articles on the topic. Read more →

The future of JavaScript, ECMA 6

This are my notes from the JavaScript Days 2014 in Berlin. The session was focussed on a selection of the new features, which are proposed as the new official standard for JavaScript, ECMA 6. It is not released yet, but all major browsers already support part of the features and there are even ways to use the new features already with a precompile step. Examples are traceur from Google, TypeScript from Microsoft or Regenerator from Facebook. Read more →

JavaScript Talk by Douglas Crockford

It has been a year now since I have entered the ranks of The major new technology for me to learn in this time has been JavaScript. Coming from the classical object-oriented world, it takes a lot of time and patience to understand the prototype-based approach, which is used solely by JavaScript. I have recently stumbled upon this talk given by Douglas Crockford, author of JavaScript – The Good Parts and creator of JSON. Read more →