Barcelona revisited

I did spend three days in Barcelona last November. After a somewhat busy December, I now begin to rediscover the photos I took in these days. The main attraction for me were the buildings of Antonio Gaudi, the well-known Spanish architect. And amongst these buildings, the Sagrada Familia is probably most popular, despite of or due to being unfinished to this day. But even more impressive than the unfinished church are some stone works in front of the building. Read more →


I spent the last three days in Barcelona, Spain. The primary reason was to visit the institute of Mel Slater, who agreed to be an external advisor for my PhD thesis. On Friday I gave a short overview of my research in front of the institute and discussed several open questions. After that I had two days left to see the city. I will post more photos in the next days on flickr, the one below should be more like a precursor. Read more →