Docker Compose File for WordPress & MariaDB

After some frustrating attempts to create a working Docker configuration for a WordPress system, I have finally found a working solution. It uses the default WordPress Docker image and MariaDB. This is a minimal configuration, you may also want to specify a data volume for persistence. # docker-compose.yml file for a minimal working WordPress instance with separate database<br /> version: '2'<br /> services:<br /> &emsp;wordpress:<br /> &emsp;&emsp;image: wordpress<br /> &emsp;&emsp;links:<br /> &emsp;&emsp;- wordpress_db:mysql<br /> &emsp;&emsp;ports:<br /> &emsp;&emsp;- 8090:80<br /> &emsp;&emsp;environment:<br /> &emsp;&emsp;&emsp;WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: wordpress_db:3306<br /> &emsp;&emsp;&emsp;WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: password<br /> &emsp;wordpress_db:<br /> &emsp;&emsp;image: mariadb<br /> &emsp;&emsp;environment:<br /> &emsp;&emsp;&emsp;MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: password<br /> Weiterlesen →