First days in Zurich

I have arrived. The move worked fine, thanks to many nice people that helped me with it. Most of all my father who drove the whole distance together with me, returning by plane the next morning. Many hands helped loading and unloading, it was just awesome.

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Elias Canetti

Today, so I was determined to, something cultural was on my way. After a short look into local exhibitions I decided to give Elias Canetti (Wikipedia entry) a chance, whose name I had never heard before. Moreover the exhibition is going to end May 29th, what is a further reason to pay that exhibition a visit. Elias Canetti was born 1905 and lived in many places, but for a quiet long time also in Zurich. Read more →

Adjustment in Zurich

In one week I will be introduced to the technical details of the research project. The control program is done completely in SimuLink, all the elements of the user interface were created by LabView. The advantage of both programs is that you can think in structures and don’t have to look through thousands of code lines. But despite of that the project is quite huge and therefore it is not that easy to get all that at the first glimpse. Read more →