Journals for a publication of a rowing simulation study

I am recently searching for a journal to publish a study on audience pressure in our M³ Rowing Simulator. This is rather difficult due to the multidisciplinary approach taken. We use a simulator with virtual reality technology, conduct a sports study on psychological effects to investigate the feeling of presence in the simulator. It’s easy to get one or two of these topics combined in a journal description, but four of them are just too much. Read more →

Review on Latency

With virtual environments and realism being the central topic of my dissertation, I did a review on which latencies are acceptable for virtual environments. The goal of this review was to define requirements for our rowing scenario. I would appreciate feedback and comments on this review. Two main limitations of realism in virtual environments are a delayed response to user actions and desynchronized events. The cause for these undesired eff ects is the delay of the components and of the architecture as a whole. Read more →

When Media Environments Become Real

It all started with the alpenhorn. An elderly woman entered the auditory and played this traditional Swiss instrument. The view from the university to the mountains was also nice, although slightly cloudy on this particular day. I would rather see that version with the blue sky. And I would rather not see the bear living in captivity for the sake of being heraldic animal of the city. The conference (see website) is not particularly interesting, the theme encompasses all kind of media shifts, television, e-commerce, and virtual environments are all examples for that. Read more →