Steve Krug – Don’t Make Me Think

In the field of user experience (UX), the book written by Steve Krug is considered a classic. It is not too long, following his own principles of brevity and clarity in content presentation. I am reading this, because I experience UX discussions at work ( quite often. Krug starts with a chapter on how people actually perceive and work with web pages. Instead of carefully reading and deliberately choosing the right option, people behave completely different. Read more →

UX Munich – Conference Notes

The Conference The conference location was a beautiful building in walking distance of Munich main station, the Künstlerhaus. It is an old building and has style, and as such is a perfect meeting venue for UX enthusiasts. The UX Munich is intended for “designers and developers, who build great user experiences – together”. That sounded appealing to me, as I have experienced countless discussions about user experience and see this as an interdisciplinary topic. Read more →