Setting up Docker on Ubuntu 15.10

For the next five days, I will be on an innovation week, as my company calls it. I will be away from the daily business and dig into one topic of my own choice, but of course related to current challenges within the company. And since service-oriented architecture is something that moves us in the moment, I chose service scalability as my topic. But for that to work, I need a quick way to set-up services within their own context, making it possible to add more service nodes when needed. Read more →

Ubuntu 7.10 released

The new version of ubuntu has been released. I have been using ubuntu for some years now and I am still a big fan of it. The developers have now implemented 3D desktop effects, which you probably know from Apple. But this is only one of many improved features of this Linux distribution. What I like most about Linux is the way to edit and process LaTeX documents, the constant and automatic updates of all software, and that it’s free. On my wish list would be using Photoshop with Linux, but surely Adobe is to blame for that.

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