Creating a participant database

Problem The initial intention was to keep track of those people who have participated in one of our rowing studies. The second goal was to keep track of how our raw data is organised. Therefore, I designed a relational database with MS Access. In this article I will focus on general database design issues and how to access the database with Matlab. You could use any other relational database management system, which is compatible to the SQL standard. Read more →

Handling huge amounts of raw data with Matlab

Problem The Matlab workspace is limited in size, depending on your system. We reached the workspace limit with a rowing study (10 participants, 1 kHz sampling rate, 20 variables, 10 minutes duration). Although the extracted data fits very well in the workspace, the raw data does not. Therefore, a solution is needed with fast access to specific variables. This is needed for feature extraction and later display of data. Approach Three approaches were used to solve this problem, Read more →

Using xPC COM API and Visual C#

This entry is for those who want to control an xPC target computer with a program written in C#. I personally did not find any example how to do this, the documentation provides an example using Visual Basic, but I found a simpler way. I do only use the xPC COM API (which must be included as reference in the project) and not the model COM interface. I think this is easier because you don’t have to reinsert the model reference if you recompile it. Read more →