Phantasy and Theatre

Imagine, you would have absolutely no phantasy — wouldn’t that be a dreadful existence? Because only the evocation of images and ideas beyond existing ones enables you to solve unknown problems and to put yourself in the position of fellow people, thus facilitating interpersonal relations. In acting, you also need a strongly developed phantasy. If you are participating in a topic-centred production, you need phantasy to create scenes. But you need phantasy also with a given text, because the text determines your role only seemingly. Read more →

Hamlet – The Denmark Corporation

One of my first encounters with great literature was reading Hamlet. It was on our reading list for literature, but for me it was much more than just an obligation. I was enthralled by this play and mainly by its language. Why not speak like this, with contempt for the time which is “out of joint”?

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Theater Rehearsals

Yesterday we read the whole piece (Rebel Without a Cause), every one his role. I was Officer 1, had not to say that much. But it was all right and I also have the glorious part of shooting Plato, when he plays with his gun and doesn’t want to give it to somebody.

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