The future of JavaScript, ECMA 6

This are my notes from the JavaScript Days 2014 in Berlin. The session was focussed on a selection of the new features, which are proposed as the new official standard for JavaScript, ECMA 6. It is not released yet, but all major browsers already support part of the features and there are even ways to use the new features already with a precompile step. Examples are traceur from Google, TypeScript from Microsoft or Regenerator from Facebook.

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Creating a participant database

Is it possible to access an SQL database with Matlab? In this article I will explain how to create and access a participant database.

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Handling huge amounts of raw data with Matlab

Problem The Matlab workspace is limited in size, depending on your system. We reached the workspace limit with a rowing study (10 participants, 1 kHz sampling rate, 20 variables, 10 minutes duration). Although the extracted data fits very well in the workspace, the raw data does not. Therefore, a solution is needed with fast access to specific variables. This is needed for feature extraction and later display of data. Approach Three approaches were used to solve this problem, Read more →

Sound Feedback Using MIDI

One of my subjects is developing a sound feedback system for patients undergoing gait rehabilitation in the Lokomat. The last weeks I spent trying to program something with C++, swaying between MFC and “normal” form applications. My search for existing examples was difficult, because many people just put something in the net to play an existing MIDI file. But my task was more like creating a life stream and playing it. Read more →