Elevator Repair Service – Gatz

It’s his voice. He reads the book (The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald), gets absorbed in it. This American voice, I somehow can still hear it. He carries the play, which lasts altogether over 6 hours. I just saw the first half of it. He reads it all, every single word in it.

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Halldór Laxness – Independent People

After travellinging around Iceland in ten days in July 2006 I also wanted to explore its literature. So I decided to read the most famous Icelandic author, 1955 Nobel Price for Literature winner Halldór Laxness (see Wikipedia entry). Many novels were standing in that Reykjavik bookshop, with full rows in the bookshelf of English and German translations. I chose Independent People as a start, the story of a shepherd, struggling for independence, sacrificing even some family members for that dream. Read more →

F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

The next book we are going to discuss in the Literaturzirkel der ETH Zürich is “The Great Gatsby”, one of the greatest American novels (see Wikipedias Modern Library 100 Best Novels).

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James Joyce – Ulysses

You probably will think I am strange. Or you may feel confirmed in that opinion, if you thought that already. But I really try to read this book. Enjoying these last weeks before I will start working in Zurich, I want to do something meaningful, enhancing my horizon. And thus, I decided to read that book. To give you a short impression, I will quote one part of the sencond chapter, which sounds quite meaningful.

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Elias Canetti

Today, so I was determined to, something cultural was on my way. After a short look into local exhibitions I decided to give Elias Canetti (Wikipedia entry) a chance, whose name I had never heard before. Moreover the exhibition is going to end May 29th, what is a further reason to pay that exhibition a visit. Elias Canetti was born 1905 and lived in many places, but for a quiet long time also in Zurich. Read more →