Little Helpers for Scientific Writing with LaTeX

Introduction The document preparation system LaTeX is well-suited for scientific writing. But which additional components are required? In this article, I will describe how to install all the necessary programs and packages on a Ubuntu-Linux system to write publications conveniently. The tutorial equally applies to Debian systems, Windows users have to modify the installation procedures accordingly. Requirements, Prerequisites I would like to use vim as edi­tor. The result should be a PDF file. Read more →

A LaTeX template for my dissertation

In the recent weeks I have spent a lot of time to polish the draft of my dissertation with the help of LaTeX. In this article, I would like to share the packages I used. This list of packages comes close to a template, but you must still decide which package you need. In general, I wanted to have a pdfTeX-compliant document. 1. KOMA Script documentclass[DIV=calc, 11pt, parskip=half]{scrreprt} The basis for my dissertation is the report class of KOMA Script. Read more →

LaTeX problem with apacite

After spending 2 hours in searching an error in my publication draft, I would like to share my gained knowledge. The problem was, that using the apacite package caused an error, the second citation command would not have the correct number of parameters. It turned out, that the babel package was the problem, more exactly the order of usepackage commands. First the babel package, afterwards the apacite package – that was the solution. Read more →

Correcting CiteULike when Using with Natbib, sed

Using CiteULike for administrating my paper bibliographic information is quite nice. I have all the information I need for citing the sources in papers, as CiteULike provides export capability for BibTeX. The problem with this approach and the package natbib is that URL addresses, ISSN numbers and DOI stuff is used for creating the bibliography, looking nasty in my opinion. Therefore I used the powerful stream editor sed to delete these lines from my BibTeX file and also adding curly braces around capital letters in the title. Read more →