Theater Production and Actor Database

Currently, I am working on a hobby project, a theater production and actor database (mwtdb for short). It is visible on GitHub and open source.


What I want to create is something similar to IMDb, which focuses on movies, TV and celebreties, but for amateur theater. A very basic version will contain actors, directors and technicians, contributing to productions.

From a technical point of view, I will create a web application, using Angular and Neo4j, a graph database. The hope is that a graphical representation of the data at hand is better suited for retrieving the right data for a particular view.

First Steps

I have used Angular CLI to initialize my application. Bootstrap will be my front-end framework, along with ng-bootstrap for some interactive components.

My first Angular components were people (actors, directors) and productions, showing a list of existing items and allowing to add more entries. For the graph database, I have created a database service, which implements a few basic queries.