After my first week at ConWeaver, I got a first impression of the search framework and the technology used. The hot topic in the moment is Angular, which is a web application framework. In contrast to other server-side frameworks, the application logic is on the client (browser). This is a major trend now, aiming at Progressive Web Apps, which are as quick and responsive as native applications.

To work with Angular, I need to understand the entire ecosystem which has evolved for developing with Angular. TypeScript is used as an improved version of JavaScript, Node.js and npm for packaging and tooling.

One tool I can heavily recommend is Visual Studio Code. It works on Windows and Linux, has built-in Git functionality and is just perfect for working with a web project.

Overall, I have found the Linux environment slightly easier to use. On Windows, some Node packages needed to be installed globally with appropriate PATH settings, what was not quite intuitive.

But there are still a lot of things to discover and learn out there.