ETH Graduation Ceremony

The last chapter, the very last on my way to PhD – the ceremonial handover of the certificate. The Scherrer lecture hall was decorated festively, as were the new doctors. The ETH Big Band performed with a brassy ensemble, blaring jubilation. Every one of us then would walk there, receiving the certificate from the rector. A few words, smiling towards the photographer, again to the rector, “all the best on your way”. The same procedure for about 150 persons, non-stop certificates. Believe me, it’s nothing special. I had to return to my company in the evening, finishing something, caught in my new job.

Slowly my view on the ETH time is becoming transfigured, another station passed. But from here the next step is unclear, I am completely free. Enterprise, projects, family, Germany, Switzerland, Austria – it’s all open.

The certificate is well-designed. The ETH logo is embossed, fine red lines draw through the area on the right; and the slim ETH font gives the title area an austere elegance. I will keep it safe and not put it on my wall, because I don’t want people to consult me for physical ailments.