Cortona Speakers

In early September, I will again go to the Cortona week, which is offered by ETH Zurich. Now the list of lecture and workshop contributors seems complete and we – the participants – were asked to moderate sessions. So I went through the list of presenters to see, if any of these persons was particularly interesting for me. And I found interesting persons, but far too many of them. I will introduce four persons to give you an idea about the diversity of persons and topics in this one week in Cortona.

Wolf Singer

Wolf Singer is a German neuro scientist, he is well-known for his contributions to the debate of free will. His position is that there is no such thing as a free will. However, his talk will not circle around this question, it is about Distributed Processing and Temporal Codes in Neuronal Networks. I am quite a fan of neural networks which are a mathematical model of neurons. In my early PhD times I envisioned to use neural networks for Lokomat control, but this plan was abondoned after negative feedback.

Tania Singer

As the same surname implies, Tania Singer is the daughter of Wolf Singer. She is professor at the University of Zurich and concerned with human social behaviour, especially empathy, fairness, altruism, and revenge. Her talk is about Empathy from the Lens of Social Neuroscience. Interesting about her research is, that she uses physiological measurement methods like ECG, EEG , and skin conductance to investigate social phenomena. We use similar methods for our rowing study.

Anton Gunzinger

He developed a parallel super computer in the 1990s and founded the company Super Computing Systems to bring it to the market. The company has now extended its product portfolio. The main obstacles on his way were not technological ones but marketing and financing. I am quite sure, his talk Knowledge versus belief in entrepreneurship will touch some of the many lessons he had to learn as an entrepeneur.

Chungliang Al Huang

Chungliang Al Huang is a Tai Ji master and founder-president of the Living Tao Foundation. He will talk about Living Tao: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living.