Back to Zurich

After one month of traveling to various places I have returned safely to my home base Zurich. The basic difference between here and there was the weather, although this is difficult to judge if you are just at one place.

What you can definitely expect are a lot of photos, although I changed my Flickr posting strategy slightly. I will not upload all of them at once but rather select one outstanding photo every day or so to upload and share with you. So it makes more sense to check regularly for new pictures. Take for example this nice night gondola shot at Venice. I like the atmosphere, the motion blur of the gondola, and the many different color areas which are reflections in the water.

Gondola at Night

But enough of photos, I would also like to address some other topics which were of interest for me. Throughout September I have visited a lot of art museums and learned a lot on Impressionism, Renoir, Matisse, Chagall, Cubism, and other things. My favorite artist for now is Marc Chagall.