Paper Submission

It is done! At least for the moment. Today I submitted my first journal publication. It will now be reviewed with the possibilities of acceptance or rejection. But despite of this uncertainty I feel quite relieved, as it has disappeared from my desk and now is on the desk of other people. To give you a short impression, I will add the abstract.

This paper describes evaluation experiments for visual, acoustic, and haptic feedback in a virtual obstacle walking scenario applied to gait rehabilitation. Multiple studies with healthy subjects were carried out using the actuated gait orthosis Lokomat. Controlled factors for the visual feedback experiment were three different perspectives and 2D/3D vision. In the acoustic feedback experiment, controlled factors were rhythmic distance feedback and gradual foot clearance feedback. For visual and acoustic feedback experiments, outcome was assessed with task-specific performance parameters and questionnaires. Haptic feedback consisted of penalty, impulsive, and friction force components and was evaluated using parameters related to hardness and occurrence of vibrations. Results for visual feedback indicate that the chosen side perspective is superior to behind and ego perspectives. It is also shown that 3D vision does not reduce the number of obstacle hits compared to 2D vision. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the addition of continuous acoustic feedback makes subjects walk faster compared to the exclusive use of visual feedback. The results for haptic feedback indicate that the addition of impulsive and friction force components leads to harder surfaces and less vibrations. The main contribution of this paper is the evaluation of multimodal feedback and consequential optimization of an obstacle scenario for gait rehabilitation.