Elevator Repair Service – Gatz

It’s his voice. He reads the book (The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald), gets absorbed in it. This American voice, I somehow can still hear it. He carries the play, which lasts altogether over 6 hours. I just saw the first half of it. He reads it all, every single word in it.

I know the book. I read it earlier this year and enjoyed the style. That is probably the main reason why I chose to give this quite long play a chance. I could not motivate anybody to come with me, it seems a little bit too special.

This combination of reading and play is absolutely unique. I could not imagine a better way to do it. It never got boring, people entered the stage and went off, music playing, a wild party illustrated vividly and the characters just fitted. The group Elevator Repair Service is from New York and is one of the numberous attractions of the Theaterspektakel in Zurich. Odd to mention, they were not allowed to play in New York, because another adaptation (2.5h, more like a musical) got the exclusive licence.

After my first, more disappointing visit of a modern theatre piece at the Theaterspektakel this one really was just great. I am looking forward to part two which will follow tomorrow afternoon.