Virtual Reality and the Lokomat

The system is ready and works now together with the Lokomat. As a first scenario we implemented obstacle walking. You see on our huge screen a tiny figure, walking along a path in an animated landscape. Obstacles are on the path and as soon as they approach the figurine, a different gait trajectory is switched to. We got these trajectories by recording obstacle crossings of six persons. An additional feature is sound, also being activated when the obstacle is crossed. We showed all this at a demonstration for guests on Wednesday.

Now with the setup ready science can start. But now a huge amount of possibilities emerge. One could investigate the influence of very many parameters on gait performance or patient motivation. Feedback strategies can also be targeted. I have some ideas for sound feedback. Using MIDI almost all musical patterns could be created, piano sound being the most prominent one. I thought about implementing a bass line (walking bass) and chords only being played when special events (e.g. obstacle approaching) occur.

For the demo on Wednesday I used a simple II-V-I sequence: Dmin7, G7, C7. But this is just the beginning.