One of the strangest things that I am confronted with is that more people are reading my blog than I would ever have expected. Since only very few are leaving comments, I have absolutely no idea who is whatsoever reading my blog. For me it seems that it’s mainly folks that I know, that from time to time peek into my life to see what’s going on. Some ask me how I could possibly think of publishing my thoughts and opening my private sphere for everybody.

For me this is blog is just a very small part of my thoughts. There are many things that I will never publish, especially concerning other people. I don’t know if they would agree that their name is mentioned, and I would not like to be sued. Everybody has a right to protect his or her privacy. I decided to publish some of my thoughts here, but this decision is only valid for my own thoughts. I just hope that people are not reluctant to talk to me, because they fear that their words could be published here. This will never happen unless you agree or unless you have a webpage yourself, eagerly looking for links to get a higher Google ranking.

That said I would like to add that this blog is a place for nice things also kind of a notebook of thoughts, to remember some of them.