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In my relentless search for articles in the field of rehabilitation robotics, I will publish some comments on excellent articles. With this I hope to help people who search relevant papers and also to find experts in the field for discussions and exchange. Everybody interested in the articles I found may take a look at my articles at CiteULike.

My dissertation is about cooperative control strategies for the gait orthesis Lokomat. This field touches the following subject areas:

  1. Rehabilitation robotics (the big term),
  2. Control strategies in general,
  3. Variable structure control (swing and stance phase),
  4. Cooperative control strategies (adaptive behaviour),
  5. Parameter identification (online if possible),
  6. Iterative learning,
  7. Patient model (so far the patient is seen as a disturbance) and
  8. Interface concept (in the end, therapists shall use all that with ease).