IfA Hike

They are young. They are smart. They get what they want. They are all Doctorate students from the Automatic Contral Laboratory at the ETH. The science elite from tomorrow goes hiking.

And to be honest, I am one of them. I belong to this group. Not really, because I am just a little bit different. I am not an average Doctorate student. But maybe this thought is in all that clever minds, what makes this group a little bit special. Because everybody sees this group as “those other folks”, but noone really identifies with it. So if I started to do that I would be really special.

But we don’t talk about business (or science, what is our business, but that sounds just strange: “science is our business”) today. We talk about things other people would also talk about. About the weather. About photographing (several digital SLRs are catching every spectacular moment). About where we are from. About hiking. About Zurich. All those normal things. We can do that. We are not as bad as people think. Really. But that mountain slope really looks exponential.

Actually everything is exponential. Just take your interest in reading this. It’s decreasing exponentially. If you’ve got that far, your threshold must be pretty low. I could write almost anything and you would still read it. Gosh, are you strange. Stop reading! Still there? Do something else. Talk to someone. Call your parents. Water your plants. Wash the dishes. Think of a nice present you could send me. Write a comment and complain how stupid this last paragraph was.