Elias Canetti

Today, so I was determined to, something cultural was on my way. After a short look into local exhibitions I decided to give Elias Canetti (Wikipedia entry) a chance, whose name I had never heard before. Moreover the exhibition is going to end May 29th, what is a further reason to pay that exhibition a visit.

Elias Canetti was born 1905 and lived in many places, but for a quiet long time also in Zurich. I was a little bit disappointed that he never lived in Dresden, but at least he spent three months in Berlin. He studied Chemistry in Wien but soon switched to become a professional writer. Maybe this took him to me, the scientific background connected to his later profession of writing.

His main work is Crowds and Power, he reflected the occurrance of crowd phenomenons, e. g. people on strike, street fights, sport spectators. He compared some of these cases with fire, erupting abruptly, gaining ground and extinguishing. I found that idea compelling and I read some paragraphs of the book. It was well written and structured, maybe I will read it entirely later.