Control Theory

It’s been a long time ago (unfortunately) since I was confronted with the challenges of control theory. Having taken the basics during the base studies I was doing some refinement during my year in the US (Virginia Tech). For the research project I was today struggling with Impedance and Admittnce Control. But actually, these terms don’t mean that much, as Impedence (Z) and Admittance (Y) are defined clearly only in the realms of Electrical Engineering. Taken the transfer to Mechanics there exist multiple options. But in the end there are not so many, since these terms mean nothing but building fractions with the two interesting magnitudes force and position. Today I saw the second option to assign electrical and mechanical magnitudes. It’s just a little bit confusing…

And talking about confusions: Where the hell is the SZ on this keyboard? And the big Umlauts? Besides, why does every single country on this earth have to change his keyboard layout? Okay, it’s not so bad, in addition to the above mentioned things the @ is somewhere else as are some other special characters and brackets. But it’s just noticable.