Adjustment in Zurich

In one week I will be introduced to the technical details of the research project. The control program is done completely in SimuLink, all the elements of the user interface were created by LabView. The advantage of both programs is that you can think in structures and don’t have to look through thousands of code lines. But despite of that the project is quite huge and therefore it is not that easy to get all that at the first glimpse.

Thanks to Hospitality Club I was able to find a nice host for the entire week. His flat mate has to do military service, so I can use his room. That’s perfect, I even have my own bed and don’t have to sleep on the camping matress.

When I arrived here on Monday morning, there happened to be a meeting with all the people involved with tha lab. The hottest topic was how to finance the cookies, since the old model did not work in some people’s opinion. For half a hour several proposals were discussed until finally a vote was taken.