International Club, Scott Ritter Video

You won’t believe it, but even here people discuss political issues controversially. The latest example was the most recent International Club Coffee hour. Last Friday I was quite surprised to see the entire room filled with people. Usually there aren’t that much, but on this day I had no chance to find a chair. Displayed was a video about Iraq. Scott Ritter, former chief weapon inspector in Iraq, critizised the US government harshly for having contributed a large part to the 1998 expel of weapon inspectors. He concluded that it had never been the interest of the US government to disarm Iraq but to provoke the escalation of the conflict. I mean, this really struck me. The second displayed speaker was a priest, speaking mainly about the consequences of the embargo. He made the shocking comparison that more Iraqi civilians were killed as a result of the embargo than people have died by weapons of mass destruction.

Having seen these strong arguments against avery intervention and against the embargo, the discussion was mainly about the role of the media and what could be done. The last question was especially interesting, since the day before the Congress had passed a resolution, allowing Bush to use military means if diplomatic efforts have failed. A demonstration in Washington was planned, people were thinking how to spread the word. Some instructors thought about how to educate their students. All in all, a large emotion against the war lay in the air.

The second event in this direction happened in Michael’s place yesterday. We cooked together, when one guy, who was there very often, came by and we began to talk. Since we two were still in a very political mood, the subject soon turned on Iraq. And surprisingly he had his very elaborated and untypical opinions about all that. He used the word imperialism most often, arguing that all Americas greatness and power had been achieved by imerialistic methods, e.g. ethnical cleansing of whole Western America, occupation of Hawaii, helping to establish the state of Israel and many more things. He also was very versed about the Huns, who defeated Rome. With one parent being from Hungary he pointed out that Hun blood was also in him. Finally we talked about Frank Herbert’s Dune, comparing the well trained desert fighters of AQ to the Fremen people and oil to Spice. Although I wasn’t sure if all this fits that very way, it still was abolutely interesting to find an educated and interesting man like him here.