Running at Irchelpark

Sweating once a day keeps the doctor away – today I succeeded. After five kilometers in the Irchelpark I am lying on the ground and melt away. I am getting into running, the track today was not so difficult. I started it slowly on the first round, keeping an eye on my heart rate. I did some tempo variations in the second round, a training tip to get out of the monotony of running the same rounds at the same speed ever and ever again, which also triggers different types of muscles. After that I had found my speed of around 10 km/h and kept it for the remaining distance.

The Irchel Track

The running track in Irchelpark with some obvious GPS deviations

Speed (blue) and heart rate (red)

Speed (blue) and heart rate (red)

The good thing about running is, that it means very low effort. Just dress, get on the sneakers and off you go. I just need to go past the street to enter Irchelpark and its running track.