Doctoral examination – passed!

After a little bit more than four years of research, this day saw my doctoral examination. It certainly wasn’t my best presentation, but I made it through and passed the exam. My presentation lasted about 40 minutes, the questions and answers another 20 minutes. After one hour we were all asked to leave the room and only the professors remained in there to discuss my fate. After an endless time of fifteen minutes, I was called in the room and notified of the successful outcome. So it’s over now. I feel relieved and very glad. I feel thankful towards the many people who supported me in this time, many of them were present at my defence talk.

Taking a question

In July 2005 I started on this journey, leaving behind Dresden and everything I knew. My research started with cooperative control strategies and the Lokomat, went on to virtual environments for gait rehabilitation, and finally brought me to the M3 Rowing Simulator. I covered quite some topics with rehabilitation robotics, virtual environments for rehabilitation, and sports simulation. I designed experiments, used Matlab and Simulink with high proficiency, programmed a lot in C++ and C#, used statistical methods, and supervised quite some students. Four years, which were characterised by learning and slow advance.

Edit: I am not officially a “Dr. sc.” yet. This will be in October, after two ETH committees have approved and after I have handed in the printed and electronic versions for the library.