Conference (IEEE VR) in Charlotte

So here I am in the middle of hundrets of people who do research in virtual reality. Nobody knows me. I am nothing special.

But I had a small chance, 60 seconds of speaking to the gathered audience in the poster announcement session. The resonance was not so overwhelming, at today’s real poster session only some peolpe showed up. Some Japanese guys were very interested and took even some photos of me and my poster. But I could also make some acquaintances in the last few days who came to see my work. But this was more on a personal level, one guy was from Dresden, the other one had lived for a long time in Zurich and we share colleagues.

Charlotte is a strange city. It would like to be a really important city with skyscrapers and banks and all that. But it just isn’t. There is not much going on and the big houses are just a few blocks in the middle, quickly left behind when you go in any direction. And the hotel is never quite. At night you always hear a faint noise. Liek a starting air plane in some distance. Maybe it’s the air condition system. Or the elevators. However, it’s strange to be there.