article accepted for conference proceeding (mmvr15)

One of my articles was accepted for the conference proceeding. I am glad to leave that first international small footprint in the records of science.

Conference: Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, MMVR15
Location: Long Beach, California
Date: February 6-9, 2007
Title: Obstacle Crossing in a Virtual Environment with the Rehabilitation Gait Robot LOKOMAT
Authors: Mathias Wellner
Thomas Thüring
Eldin Smajic
Joachim von Zitzewitz
Alexander Duschau-Wicke
Robert Riener
Abstract: The rehabilitation robot LOKOMAT has been developed at the Balgrist
University Hospital to automate treadmill training of spinal cord injury and stroke
patients. A virtual environment setup was implemented to increase patient’s motivation and provide biofeedback, consisting of visual, acoustic and haptic modalities. Based on the knee and hip angles of the orthosis, an animated figurine moves
through a virtual environment.
This contribution describes the setup of the system and selected technical performance parameters. We focused on delay times caused by the setup, stability of the
haptic obstacle rendering and on the level of immersion as judged by four healthy
Results show that subjects judged the system’s performance well (questionnaire
scores over 80%). Problems exist though for obstacle rendering (questionnaire
scores of 55%).