Lokomat-Symposium 2006

Today the second Lokomat Symposium featured the main talks regarding the Lokomat actuated gait orthosis. Actually the main scientists were all joined to present their latest research. To give you a short impression I will list the talks.

Speaker Title
David Reinkensmeyer (USA) Automating Arm Movement Training with T-WREX: Technical Overview and Clinical Data
Robert Riener (CH) Human-Centered Rehabilitation Robotics
Goffer (ISR) _Re_Walk: A Device for Overcoming Mobility Impairment
Tobias Nef (CH) ARMin – Robot-Aided Arm Therapy in Chronic Stroke
Querry (USA) FES and Lokomat: Gait Synchronized Interventions with the Lokomat Driven Gait Orthosis
Ken Hunt (UK) Cardiopulmonary Assessment Protocols for Robot-Assisted Gait in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Pacheco (USA) Spinal Plasticity in BWSTT: Evaluation of H-Reflexes in Spinal Cord Injury Patients during Stepping
Aschbacher (CH) Comparing Gait Training in Patients after Stroke with Task-Oriented Physiotherapy or Robot-Assisted Gait Training with the Lokomat – A Feasability Study
Behrman (USA) Differential Effects of Robotically vs. Manually-Assisted Locomotor Training on Stepping Performance after Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Andreas Meyer (CH) First Steps with the Pediatric Lokomat: Feasability of Robotic Assisted Locomotor Training in Children with Central Gait Impairment
Borggräfe (DE) Automated Treadmill Training in Young Children with Cerebral Palsy with the Pediatric Lokomat
Mogensen (DK) The Effect of Robotic Treadmill Training in Patients with Cerebral Stroke

I did not have a talk but was involved in some lab demos of the virtual environment extension of the Lokomat and the additional degrees of freedom (Gait3D). The audience was really impressed and especially for children the virtual reality enhancement triggered wild interest.